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Altogether there are three examinations consisting of two midterms and a final. Students are required to carry a valid student ID with them at all times both during regular class meetings and during examinations.  
 Midterm Examinations 

The two mid-term examinations will be held on the fourth and seventh weeks respectively. For the night classes, the examination will begin at 8:00 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m. For the classes that meet twice a week during the day time, the examinations will be held on the second class meeting of the fourth and seventh weeks respectively. In this case, the examination will commence at the beginning of the class meeting and cover the entire duration of the class.

The test will be composed primarily of multiple-choice questions. The number of questions will be between 100 and 125 depending on the material covered prior to the examination. In each examination, the focus will be on material covered from the time of the last examination. Two Scantrons are therefore recommended for the examination. Both the mid-term examinations are closed-book examinations with the exception of a cheat-sheet allowed during the course of each examination for use as a reference. 
The coverage in each examination is not cumulative. The sections covered in each of the two midterm examinations are listed below.
Midterm Examination 1
Week Topic Questions (Approximate)
 1 Communication Trends 
 2 Overview of Analog and Digital Technologies 
 2 Digitization of Data 
 2 Digitization of Audio 
 2 Digitization of Image 
 2 Digitization of Video 
 3 Electronic and Optical Transmission 
 3 Formatting of Information for Transmission 
 3 Asynchornous and Synchornous Transmission 
 3 Serial and Paralle Transmisison Standards 
 3 Multiplexing 
Midterm Examination 2
Week Topic Questions (Approximate)
 4 ISO/OSI Model 
 5 Overview of TCP/IP 
 5 IP Addressing Explored 
 5 Subnets 
 5 Host Name Resolution 
 5 TCP/IP in the Windows Environment 
 5 TCP/IP Commands 
 6 Communication Hardware and Internet Infrastructure 

 Final Examination

The final examination will be held on the date and time printed on the Class Schedule. The duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Emphasis will be placed on the material covered after the last mid-term examination. The examination may also include an essay component in addition to the section containing multiple-choice questions. The number of multiple-choice questions will be in the neighborhood of 100 to 125, again depending on the material covered during the period following the second examination.  

Two Scantrons are therefore required for the final examination. The number of essay questions, if present, will vary between 2 and 4. The final examination will also be a closed-book examination with the exception of a cheat-sheet allowed during the course of the examination for use as a reference. 

Examinations are not cumulative in their coverage. The section covered in the final examinations are listed below with the approximate number of questions from each section.  
Week Topic Questions (Approximate)
7 LAN Introduction 4
7 LAN Functional Architecture 22
7 LAN Topology 9
7 IEEE Specs and Lower Layer Protocols 9
7 LAN Hardware 8
8 P2P: Client Configuration 6
8 P2P: Adapter Configuration 4
8 P2P: Protocols Configuration 11
8 P2P: Testing Client Connectivitiy 4
8 P2P: Sharing and Accessing 8
8 P2P: Sharing and accessing Printers 4
8 P2P: Computer Identification 3
9 Hardware Firewall 22
9 Software Firewall 4
9 Wireless Networking 8
  Total 125

 Examination Reviews   

 Quarter Examination Audio Video 
 Fall 2010 Midterm 1 wma 
  Midterm 2 mp3 wmv

 Examination Schedule 
Examination  Week Time Coverage
 Midterm 1 4th2nd class meeting for day classes and  from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for night classes Weeks 1-3
 Midterm 2 7th2nd class meeting for day classes and  from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for night  classes Weeks 4-6
 Final 11th As printed in the schedule  Weeks 7-10

 Policy on Make-up Examination

A make-up examination will not be conducted except under extreme and compelling conditions of personal distress.
Unfortunate circumstances relating to you or to an immediate family member may be considered only with appropriate documentation. Excuses will not be accepted during the week immediately preceding the midterm or final examinations. Any request for the assignment of an incomplete grade during this period will automatically be rejected.
In the extreme event that a make-up examination is conducted, the penalties assigned due to the delay in conducting the examination will be as follows:
Examination  Delay Penalty
 1 Week 15%
 2 or more Weeks  25%

No examination will be conducted prior to the scheduled examination dates. There will not be a make-up examination conducted for the final examination.