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Second Midterm Review

posted Nov 5, 2010, 9:35 AM by Nanda Ganesan   [ updated Sep 7, 2015, 9:17 PM ]
The review for the second midterm is as follows. 
The midterm examination will be held on November 10th. The areas of coverage are as follows, but they are not limited to the topics mentioned:

 Week Topic Focus Questions Approximate 
 4 ISO/OSI Model Layers, protocols, IEEE 9
 4 Overview of TCP/IP Layers, WAN and LAN technologies,protocols such as TCP, UDP etc., port numbers
 4 IP Addressing Explored Format of IP addressing, classes of addressing, conversion of decimal into binary and vice versa, unicastiing, multicasting, broadcasting, valid addresses for classes, IPV6 18
 4. Subnets Subnetting, anding, class example, class example on subnetting, packet forwarding, CIDR 17
 5.  Host name resolution Hosts file, LMHosts file, FQDN, name resolution 9
 5.  TCP/IP in the Windows Environment TCP/IP parameter settings, advanced settings, purpose of multiple IP addresses, multiple NICs,    16
 5.  TCP/IP commands Ping, IPconfig, ARP, hostname, nslookup, tracerat, finger 15

I wish you well.