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Students are required to carry a valid student ID with them at all times both during regular class meetings and during examinations.   

There will be three examinations conducted made up of two mid-term examinations and a final examination.  

Mid-Term Examinations

The two mid-term examinations will be held on the fourth week and seventh week respectively. For the night classes, the examination will begin at 8:00 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m. For the classes that meet twice a week during the day time, the examinations will be held on the second class meeting of the fourth week and seventh week respectively. In this case, the examination will commence at the beginning of the class meeting and span the entire duration of the class.

The tests will be composed primarily of multiple-choice questions. The number of questions will vary between 75 and 125 depending on the material covered prior to the examination. Two Scantrons are therefore recommended for the examination. In each examination, the focus will be on material covered from the time the last examination was conducted. In other words, the examination is in not cumulative. Both mid-term examinations are closed-book examinations with the exception of a cheat-sheet allowed to be used as a reference. 

Midterm Examination 1

The material covered from weeks 1 through 3 are covered in the examination. 

 Week  Topic  Questions
 1  Purpose and Use of a LAN  
 2  Windows Server Major Features  
 2  Major Network Functional Architectures  
 2  Server and Client Architecture  
 3  Topology  
 3  Physical Media  
 3  Network Hardware  
 3  LAN Protocols   
 3  Cloud Computing  

Midterm Examination 2

The areas of coverage for the second midterm examination are as follows. The coverage, however, is not entirely limited to the topics listed below. 

 Week  Topic  Questions
 4  Client configuration   
 4  Client options  
 4  NIC configuration  
 4  Protocol configuration  
 5  Testing client connectivity   
 5  Sharing and accessing folders  
 5  Sharing and accessing printers  
 5  Computer identification   
 6  Windows server installation  
 6  Windows server users and groups   
 6  Server configuration and management  
 6  Managing services and applications  
 6  Server administration tools  
 6  Server storage management   

Final Examination

The final examination will be held on the date and time printed on the Class Schedule. The duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Emphasis will be placed on the material covered after the last mid-term examination. Although unlikely, the examination may also include an essay component in addition to the section containing multiple-choice questions. The number of multiple-choice questions will be in the neighborhood of 100 to 125, again depending on the material covered during the period following the second examination.  

Two Scantrons are therefore required for the final examination. The number of essay questions, if present, will vary between 2 and 4.  The final examination will also be a closed-book examination with the exception of a cheat-sheet to be used as a reference. 
The video modules are pertaining to the final examination are stored in the folder named Networking in SkyDrive. The audio review for the examination is as follows:
Here are the topics covered in the examination and the approximate number of questions from each topic.  
Week  Topic  Questions
 7  Internet Information Server  30
 7  FTP Server  15
 7  Remote Desktop Services  8
 8  Media Server  29
 9  DHCP Server  11
 9  DNS Server  20

Examination Reviews

Audio and/or video reviews are posted below.

 Quarter  Examination  Audio
 Winter 2013  Midterm 1  - WMA      - MP3 
   Midterm 2  - WMA      - MP3      

  Final - WMA      - MP3 

Examination Schedule 

Examination   Week  Time  Coverage
 Midterm 1  4th - During the 2nd class meeting of the  
  week for classes that meet twice a 
- From 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for the
  classes meeting in the night
 Weeks 1-3
 Midterm 2  7th  As above.  Weeks 4-6
 Final  11th  As printed in the schedule  Weeks 7-10

Policy on Make-up Examination

A make-up examination will not be conducted except under extreme and compelling circumstances of personal distress. Unfortunate incidents relating to you or to an immediate family member may be considered only with appropriate documentation. Excuses will not be accepted during the week immediately preceding the midterm or final examinations. Any request for the assignment of an incomplete grade during this period will be denied.

In the extreme event that a make-up examination is conducted, the penalties assigned due to the delay in conducting the examination will be as follows:
Examination Delay  Penalty 
1 Week  15%
 2 Weeks or more  25%
An examination will not be conducted prior to the scheduled examination dates and times. There will not be a make-up examination conducted for the final examination.