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Midterm 2 Review

posted Nov 4, 2010, 8:36 PM by Nanda Ganesan   [ updated Nov 5, 2010, 10:47 AM ]
Dear Students,

Here is the midterm 2 review divided into two parts. In each case, I have posted a  wmv file and a mp3 file. 

Only the material covered in weeks 3 and 4 are included in the test. 

As you requested, the areas of coverage are as follows, but they are not limited to the topics mentioned. 

 Section Topic Focus
 1 Client configuration Components, drivers 
 2 Client options Microsoft, Novell 
 3 NIC configuration Resources, NIC make in the computer, drivers
 4 Protocol configuration Netbuei, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, setting TCP/IP, Mac address verification, WINS, assigning multiple IP addresses, multiple DNSs, multiple gateways, TCP/IP filtering, 
 5 Testing client connectivity, local host
 6 Sharing and accessing folders file sharing service, resource sharing, naming a share, permissions for share, icons for shared and networked folders, mapping a folder, types of accesses, 
 7 Sharing and accessing printers Installing and sharing a local printer, accessing a network printer 
 8Computer identification  Naming a computer and network, DNS suffix
 9 Windows server installation Installation options, installation procedure, procedures to follow after the installation, file systems, partitions, remote desktop accounts, static IP addresses, domain controller, peer-to-peer configuration, service packs, updates, drivers
 10 Windows server users and groups  Built-in groups, user created groups, administrator, backup operator, server operator, account operator, everyone
 11 Server configuration and management Server management console, disk management, administrative shares,  
 12 Managing services and applications Services, stopping, starting, telnetting, 
 13 Server administration tools Event viewer, managing shares, device manager
 14 Server storage management  Disk defragmentation, partitioning, boot partitions, disk quotas, extended partitions,  types of  access privileges to folders

Happy now, Guys! 

Also, note that the video files on SkyDrive have been moved into a new folder named Networking. They no more appear under the folder named Windows 2008 Server.