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The students in the class are required to participate in group projects. Each group will be composed of up to a maximum of four students. An appropriate topic in Management Information Systems must be choose by each group. The topic must be practice oriented. 
Projects that explore the actual implementation of an Information Systems will be graded favorably. In this case, actual demonstrations conducted in the class during the presentation of the project will add further weight to the project and subsequently will lead to a higher grade being assigned for the project. Information relating to the topic must also be provided by reviewing recent articles on the topic from magazines and/or other publications.
To help choose a topic for the project, a few sample topics are listed later in a subsection of this webpage. The list represents only a sample selection of project topics. A topic that explores a cutting edge or an evolving technology may also be chosen with the approval of the instructor. Emerging technologies can be found, for example, in cloud computing, social media and business data analytics.. 
For further brainstorming on project topics, the students may visit the websites of technology sites such as those hosted by the Gartner Group or Tech Republic. Technology forums may also be accessed for the selection of an appropriate topic for the project.
The selection of the project topic will be discussed during the first class meeting. The end result of the project will be a project presentation and the submission of a collection of slides used in the presentation. 

Project Presentation

Each member of a project group is required to participate in an oral presentation describing his or her contribution to the project. The presentations are scheduled for the ninth and tenth week of the Quarter. The duration of the project presentation by each group should not exceed 20 minutes. 
The schedule for presentation will be listed on this webpage under the section entitled Project Groups. In addition to listing the topics chosen by each group, the names of the group members in each group will also be shown on the list.

Project Report

The project report is essentially the set of PowerPoint slides used in the presentation of the project, but revised to reflect the feedback given by the instructor during the presentation. The slides must be uploaded to OneDrive and shared with the instructor. The students may choose a OneDrive account of their choice to store and display the slides. Hard-copies of the project report will not be accepted. 
Format of PowerPoint Slides
The number of slides to be created by each group member is at the discretion of the member concerned. However, there must be an adequate number of slides to convey clearly the work done by each member of the group.  For consistency, the presentation slides must conform to the style and format used in the lecture slides. The template for the slides can be downloaded from the following link: Project Temp Plate.

The template contains an outline of the contents of the project slides to be created. The following outline in the template should be used as a guideline for creating the slides:
  • A title slide containing the topic and the full name of each group member
  • A slide showing the contents of the entire presentation
  • A list of objectives of the project
  • The main body of the presentation divided into smaller modules
  • A summary of the project
  • The web references used in the presentation
  • A glossary of key terms used in the project presentation 
Report Due Date
The PowerPoint slides that constitute the project report are due on the day of the project presentation.  Delayed submission of reports will result in penalty points being assessed. 

Sample Project Topics  

  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • Cloud Computing Resources
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Social Media Information Systems
  • Cloud CRMs and ERPs
  • Information Systems Security
Please note that the above topics are listed only as a guideline and that the students are not required to choose from the above list of topics. A group may select a topic that expands upon any computing related topic covered in the class. None of the topics selected should replicate the material covered in the class, but expand upon the coverage of the topic presented in the class by the instructor. 
Experience and Job Related Topics
With the approval of the instructor, a student may also engage in an individual project in lieu of the group project. Students having extensive experience in the MIS field are possible candidates for pursuing individual projects. In this case, the project to be undertaken will focus on a specific area of application in the field of expertise of the student concerned. 
Other Types of Projects
Students interested in doing individual projects may choose to write a scholarly paper in lieu of a presentation. In this case, the student is expected to possess good writing and research skills.

Examples of Past Topics Chosen by Students
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Google Apps Engine
  • Creating Business Pages in Social Media Sites
  • Business Intelligence
  • SharePoint
  • Internet Security
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Accounting Software in the Cloud

Project Grading

The grade assigned to the project will be based on the following criteria:

Assessment Criteria Contribution in %
 Presentation 10
 Technical Content 50
 Understanding of the Topic 30
 In-class Demonstration 20

Project Groups

Each group is required to create and store a PowerPoint presentation relating to its group project. The presentation must be stored on OneDrive and made available for viewing by all. In other words, the presentation must be given open access for public viewing and should be accessible from the links listed below.  
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GroupTopic/LinkMembersPresentation Week
GroupTopic/LinkMembersPresentation Week
Group 01 Google App Engines Camacho, Aguilera, Cuevas 
Group 02 Internet Security Terrazas, Sanchez, Ojeda 
Group 03 Social Network Rodriguez, Mostafa, Tomasian 
Group 04 Cloud Computing Apllications Ruiz, Acevedo, Akune 
Group 05 Apple Cloud for Business Valdez, Patulot, Gomez 10 
Group 06 Amazon Web Services Uy, Klein, Valladares, Karapetyan 10 
Group 07 Business Data Analytics Gemme, Lopez, Alderete 10 
Group 08 Cloud Applications in Finance Medina, Wells, Leung, Moreno 10 
Group 09 Digital Marketing Vazquez, Martinez, Nava, Quon 10 
Group 10 Topic 10  10 
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