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The course lectures for each week can be downloaded from the links below. Book Slides are from the textbook and the My Slides are those created by the instructor. The handwritten lecture notes and video/audio recordings of the lectures are also included wherever available. The link to in-class hand-written notes is provided towards the end of the list below.
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Week 1 Introduction to Communications Overview of Communications Analog and Digital Technologies  010 
Week 2 Communications Theory Electronic and Optical Transmission Digitization of Information Data Packets and Packet Switching 021 
  Serial and Parallel Transmission Modulation and Multiplexing Errors in Transmission 025 
Week 3 TCP/IP Protocol Suite Overview of TCP/IP IP Addressing Explored Subnetting and Routing 031 
  DNS and DHCP TCP/IP Settings and Commands  035 
Week 4 Introduction to LANs LAN Definition and Function Functional Architectures Topologies and Protocols 041 
  Networking Hardware and Infrastructure   045 
Midterm 1  Wednesday, January 27th, 9:50 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  Midterm 1 Review  047 
Week 5 P2P LANs and Firewalls Setting Up a P2P Network Managing Users and Resources Software Firewalls 051  
  Harware Firewalls   060 
Week 6 Windows Server Configuration Windows Server Installation and Management Cloud Based Windows Server  071 
Week 7 Web Server Configuration Web Server Configuration and Management Cloud Based Web Server  081 
Midterm 2  Wednesday, February 17th, 9:50 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  Midterm 2 Review  085 
Week 8 Media Server Configuration Media Server Configuration and Management Cloud Based Media Server  091 
Week 9 AD, DNS and DHCP Active Directory DNS DHCP 101 
  References   102 
Project  Presentation Schedule   103 
Week 10  Presentation Schedule   120 
Week 11  Final Exam Schedule Final Exam Review  350 
References  Other Refrences   501 
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