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The Department of Information system has made an agreement with Microsoft through the MSDNAA program that allows the distribution of full versions of certain Microsoft products to faculty and students associated with the department. 

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  • Students enrolled in any upper division CIS course or graduate CIS course are eligible for enrollment in the program.
  • All faculty members in the IS department including full-time and part-time faculty members are eligible for enrollment in the program.


  • For students, the enrollment will remain active throughout the year of enrollment.
  • Beginning of Fall of each academic year, all the users enrolled in the previous academic year will be automatically removed from the system.
  • Students my enroll only once in the program.
  • Faculty enrollment remains active as long as a faculty member is employed at the University.
  • Faculty members may also request for an additional copy of the available software.

 Enrollment Form

Students must be an IS major to enroll in this program. Eligibility will be checked before enrollment. Students are enrolled only during the first four weeks of the quarter. Summer quarter operations may vary. Please do not submit incorrect information as your membership will be removed and you will not be eligible to re-enroll.

 User Manual

  • Quick start manual
  • Video instruction at YouTube
  • For other useful links, please see the links provided under the section entitled Quick Links on this page.

 Integrity Rules

Students must adhere to all the conditions of MSDNAA in using the software. Illegal copying and illegal installations are expressly prohibited.

 Contact Information

Program Administrator:      Professor Nanda Ganesan
Office Location:                Simpson Tower 615 
T-Phone:                          323 - 343 2928 

(c) Professor N. Ganesan, All Rights Reserved.
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