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Reports and References

1. IS Program Review Report Final

  Report Name 
 1 Program Review Report 2012 Paul / Nanda 
 2 Appendices 2012  Nanda / Paul
 3 Program Review Questions and Answers  Nanda / Paul

2. IS Program Review Report (Work-in-Progress)  

Sections Tasks and Reports Name
 1 History, Mission, Goals and Objectives Nanda
 2 Program Data Paul / Nanda
 3 Curriculum and Instruction Paul
 4 Assessment of SLOs Paul
 5 Department Faculty Paul
 6 Outreach and Recruitment Paul
 7 Recommendations Paul / Nanda 
 Appendices  Nanda 
 Five-Year Plan  Paul
 External Review  Not Required

2. Information and Reports from University 

3. Institutional Research 

  Data Source  Decription
 1 CIS Homepage  Data Mart for Self-service
 2 IR Home page Extensive Access to university, college and departmental data
 3 FTES-FTEF-SFR Ratios for the Department 

3. Sample Program Review Reports

  Department Report
 1 Information Systems 2005 Reports Self-study report 
   Subcommittee recommendations
   Summary report 
 2 Languages Program review
   Appendices A-J
   Appendices K-Q
 3 Biology Program review
 4 Psychology  Program review 

4. Help Files